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7boats - Phnom Penh: Your Ideal Choice as Web Development Company in Cambodia

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The importance and rise of the internet in Cambodia is underlined enough by the virtue of statistics. In official data released, the number of internet users in the country was about 8 million, which turns out to be 49.3% of the population! To make this stat simpler, almost one in every second person in Cambodia has access to the internet. To make it even simpler, almost half of the country’s population is a potential market for brands and businesses through digital marketing!

The first pre-requisite of launching an online marketing initiative, which every brand worth any value is considering seriously or has even started efforts, is a quality website. The website can be informative about your products and services, offering potential customers a kind of online brochure. However, most websites offering products and services are not limited to only offering information. They want to double up as platforms where customers can actually make a purchase. So, the ecommerce variety of websites is also equally, if not more, popular.

Among the web development companies in Cambodia, 7boats is a relatively new name. But the experience it has trumps almost every other name in the business. After working with global clients through its offices in India, we are bringing to Cambodia a summation of all those years of being in the industry. With our body of work in designing and developing websites for companies and brands with varied aims and purposes, we are a clear and suitable fit for your brand.

Our method of working is rather simple: we understand and value the fact that no one knows your brand better than you do. As a result, we develop and build websites that captures the ethos and values that your brand stands for. We keep you in the loop with regular updates, appreciating and incorporating your feedback during the development process. As for the infrastructure and platform, you can depend upon our trained web developers to deliver a website that can handle heavy traffic without compromising on the security aspect.

The team of web developers at 7boats have the expertise to handle the latest tools and techniques of building websites. Since ecommerce sites have to consider the security of payments made by customers, we are additionally careful and weave counter-attacking options against hacker infiltration. Our experience teaches us to cover all areas of a website.

Trust 7boats to deliver a quality website for your brand.

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