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7boats: The Trusted Digital Marketing Company in Cambodia

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It takes years of dedicated and committed service in an industry to earn the trust of clients and brands. And to do that on a global level is something that requires a special effort. That is exactly what 7boats has been doing consistently for years now. We have worked with a cache of reputed global names, earning their plaudits and learning along the way. We are bringing all of that to Cambodia now! Our digital marketing company is starting off at Phnom Penh, to work with upcoming Cambodian brands and companies.

There are many reasons why brands trust the logo of 7boats in the genre of digital marketing. The foremost among them is surely the factor of convenience. We are a one-stop shop for you when it comes to digital marketing. We cover the whole range of services that can be clubbed under the title of Digital Marketing. Some of the services that we offer include:

  • Social Media Marketing: With half of the Cambodian population hooked to the internet, the opportunities for social media marketing in this segment are immense. What’s more pronounced, much of this market is untapped potential! There are very few players in the Cambodian sector who are doing social media marketing on a global standard. You can get that with us.

  • Search Engine Optimization: Just as the penetration of the internet opens up the possibilities of social media marketing, it does so for search engine optimization as well. Brands in Cambodia know the potential of having their presence of search results pages on Google. It is only that they have not been able to tap into this market because there were not many competent SEO teams to handle their work. They have that now with 7boats.

  • Online Advertising: Advertising on the internet, both paid and free, requires specialized skill. Otherwise, there is ground for a lot of wastage. Proper and specific targeting of the audience and customer groups need to be established. Our team of digital marketers have worked with not just major brands, but mid-tier and startup companies as well. We understand the requirements of brands across the budget spectrum and devise strategies accordingly.

Other than these top 3 digital marketing services, there are others as well, like brand promotion, online branding, online reputation management. You need to look through our services to find out that we cover almost all of the digital marketing sphere. Have us on board and get your brand’s digital aspect sorted.

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