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Business Promotions on Facebook in Cambodia

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Nothing attracts the attention of a business person more than stats! So, here’s something for you, if you are still debating if Facebook will be the right vehicle for you to conduct business promotions in Cambodia: the number of Facebook users in Cambodia has shot up from 4.8 million users in 2017 to over 6.8 million users in 2018. You can do the math and figure out the percentage proliferation of how many people use this social media giant on a daily basis.

As a business professional, you can look at this jump in numbers from the perspective of how many newer sets of eyes are being added to Facebook every year to view your company’s products and services.

This makes Facebook business promotions in Cambodia one of the more lucrative options for brands and businesses. If there is so much potential in this market segment, why not tap it for revenue? The question is, how are you going to do that in a way that monetizes your returns?

This is where 7boats.com comes into the picture. We have the technical knowhow to turn your business and brand into a Facebook buzzword. Our professionals are skilled in the art of tapping social media potential into tangible leads for sales. These social media experts who will work for your brand have the experience of having done this kind of work for numerous global brands over the years. They are well-versed in the features of Facebook promotions and how to use them without falling foul of the regulations.

Facebook, like every other online platform, has some guidelines that need to be followed if they are to allow marketing and promotion for your brand. Our experts know these regulations well and they will do nothing to endanger the reputation of your brand. Instead, through targeted Facebook promotion and marketing, they will engage with your customer base, and with a potential group of consumers as well. This will help your brand earn favourable reputation online, and also make the brand more visible to people who will make purchases.

Our team will work on your business promotions on Facebook in Cambodia after studying through stats and data so that there is specific targeting of demographics. This will cut down wastage of resources and help take your marketing and promotional message to people who matter, and care. Contact us now

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