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Role of Social Media Marketing Agency in Cambodia

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Business houses across the globe need some validating as to why they should engage a social media marketing agency to promote and marketing their products and services. This scene is no different here in Cambodia. Major companies and brands here use social media networks to promote their services but the mid-tier brands are still shying away from the benefits of these platforms.

If you belong to this category of entrepreneurs or business professionals, you should take a look at some of the statistics generated through the study of how social media has impacted Cambodia. According to data released in 2018, 43% of the entire population of the country, as of January 2017, uses social media in one form or the other. The number of Facebook users in Cambodia is about 6.2 million in 2018, with Instagram coming a close second at a count of 658,300.

The numbers clearly suggest that Cambodians enjoy their time on social media networks. This is where the young generation likes to spend their time, chatting and engaging with their friends and network groups. This is also untapped potential for brands and businesses to reach out with their products and services. Social media networks are a great platform for marketing and promotion if you know how to go about the work.

You need the services of a social media marketing agency in Cambodia which can market your brand effectively across the board, encompassing all the major social media networks like Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. The problem with social media networks is that the job may seem like cakewalk, but is not! You need a professional and specialised social media marketing agency for the task. Compromising on this can cause damage to the reputation of the brand in general.

7boats has years of experience in handling social media networks, having worked in the field for major global brands. The social media experts here know the job and how to fulfil their role of promoting and marketing your products and services while upholding the brand value. Because of their experience, they can trusted to use only methods which are above board and legit.

The social media professionals with 7boats don’t believe in offering instant results. Social media marketing is a gradual process and the more organic it is, the better.

Engage with the best in the business and watch your brand soar on social media networks.   

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