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The Merits of Online Advertising in Cambodia

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There are several wrong conceptions about the use of online advertising, and how it is done. Simply having banners and widgets asking a user to click is not enough. Advertising on the internet, just as any other form of advertising, needs to be subtle and effective. The use of proper channels for online advertising is also key to a successful advertising campaign on the internet. In other words, the ideal case is a marriage of the right advertising message, delivered on the best possible channel for optimum reach.

7boats brings a much-needed global standard to online advertising in Cambodia. With half the country using internet, the possibilities can only be stated to have brands show an interest in this form of advertising. Here are some areas of advertising online where 7boats shows expertise and efficiency:

  • Paid Advertising: Definitely the most effective and popular among all the forms of online advertising, this ensures that your brand name appears alongside searches for keywords relevant to your digital marketing initiative. You have to pay for ads against these keywords, with more popular keywords attracting higher bids and prices. After you buy the ad space against your preferred keyword, you can draft an ad copy. We do this for you, advising on the best keywords for your business and doing the bidding for you as well.

  • Social Media Advertising: With more people using the internet only to get online and use platforms like Facebook and Instagram, this form of advertising is also gaining quick traction. Most users spend their entire time online browsing through social media. In the days to come, this form of advertising may beat the use of organic searches for products and services. Different social media networks are ideal for different demographic groups. 7boats plans the social media advertising accordingly, depending on your requirement.

  • Video Ads: Short video ads have excellent brand recall value, and do not test the patience of the video watcher. These ads are very useful on video channels like YouTube. You can deploy two forms of ads on YouTube: Bumper Ads and TrueView Ads. We have experienced campaigners on our team who have the skills and technological knowhow to devise a campaign that makes the best use of these available platforms and methods.

There are various other avenues for online advertising that we use. With our online advertising in Cambodia, your home-grown brand can attain national and international repute, along with a corresponding spike in growth.

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